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Post Script (Paul Smiths, N.Y.) 1946-2003, October 30, 1987, Image 5

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E V E N T S 5 Paul S m ith’s College C o n v o c a tion H i g h l i g h t s o f D e a n M a t t h e w s 9 K e y n o t e A d d r e s s sustaining sources of encouragement in our quest for excellence. Certainly, the growth of our programs, and the success of our alumni are just two of many tangible touchstones of our commitment to our mission and goals over the past 10 years of instruction. The long litany of accomplishments cannot be recited on this occasion, but if we need evidence of our growth or incentives for action this year, let us look no farther than the last five years. During his term as president, Dr. Harry K. Miller has provided the kind of leadership that has resulted in remarkable achievements that will be a permanent record and tribute to the contributions his administration has made to this institution. It is not my intention to delineate each and every item on the lengthy list of accomplishments, but merely to indicate the course our institution has followed. Since 1982, the institution has undergone two campuswide self-studies and three interim progress reports for the Middle States Association and in the process has retained its accreditation and realigned its long range goals. ... it has also monitored the stewardship of its lands so that educational needs are protected while at the same time provisions have been made for the use of lands for endowment purposes, conservation easements and income production. Additionally, the college has worked cooperatively with the State and other agencies in attracting worthwhile educational ventures such as the Visitors Interpretive Center, and Sports Annex. Innumerable improvements in water treatment and supply, and in timber maintenance have also been made. . . . Close attention has been paid and administrative support given to the development of faculty governance and the improvement of faculty salaries. . . . Moreover, program development has taken place in a number of areas, particularly in Urban Tree Management, Surveying, and Continuing Education. . . . In terms of facility development, old buildings have been razed or renovated, and existing facilities and laboratories expanded and improved. Those students living at Lakeside realize the major renovations that took place in that dormitory just this summer, and those at the Hotel can look forward to attractive new quarters next semester, not to mention extensive refurbishing and new construction at the Hotel itself. ... And in the areas of development and marketing, aggressive and imaginative steps have been and continue to be taken to insure fiscal and enrollment stability. During Dr. Miller’s presidency, student life has been vastly improved through the initiation of wellness and awareness programs, the increase of such student services as the Learning Resource Center, counseling, HEOP and ESL programs, campus ministry, and even a “ designated driver” program. The commitment to International students on campus has been especially prominent. — All of which is to say that our institution is mindful of its mission and the resources and means available for positioning itself to continue on its quest for excellence. In the spirit of this meeting — this calling together — let us all be encouraged to embrace the challenge of “A Call to Action” — that is, to commit ourselves anew to the mission and goals of our institution with clear resolve and honest intention so that we can proceed with energy and purpose to re-examine or construct those initiatives that will lead to the planned and continued growth of Paul Smith’s College. Have a great — No— Have an excellent — year. Thank you. It is to say that WE ARE PAUL SMITH’S COLLEGE - not the magnificent location in the Adirondacks, not any of the wonderful natural resources available to us, but we — the people — are the ones that comprise PSC. We are the ones who give it meaning for the present and direction for the future. Enriched by a legacy of educational enterprise that began with our first class of students in 1946, the traditions of this college have taken firm root and continue to grow. In that sense, this convocation is a clarion call — a call to action — for all of us to hear, and to which all of us have the opportunity to respond — that whether we are faculty, students, staff, or trustees — we are part of a larger and more extensive community, unconfined by office doors or classroom walls. Our bond is our commitment to excellence. At Paul Smith’s College we have the advantages of dedicated personnel, desirable environment, and diverse academic programs that enhance student participation in educational pursuits. Primary among the dedicated personnel are the faculty who need only be reminded that those who teach have been afforded the opportunity and the privilege of sharing their own learning and informed insights with those eager to profit from that experience and expertise. At our institution this opportunity is augmented by manageable class sizes and close working relationships with students. When those lines of opportunity and involvement intersect the result can be those grand moments of “shared angles of vision” or “shocks of recognition” that make education and its pursuit all the more worthwhile. Moreover, we already have benchmarks of success at Paul Smith’s College that are enduring reminders of our educational continuum, and

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