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2 P S C N O T E S Security Expresses Concerns The PCS Campus Security has expressed two major concerns with campus driving habits. According to James Burgess, campus security officer, the 15 mile an hour speed limit is frequently violated and with the road conditions in the area, especially during the winter, drivers should learn to obey the speed limit. Stop signs serve the same purpose on campus as they do on the roads outside of PSC. Security has also stressed the importance for drivers to park in designated parking areas and not to park where they shouldn’t. If one person parks in a non-parking area, this will create a snowball effect, with more to follow. It is requested that people respect other’s property and also the property of the dormitories. If it’s not yours, and you don’t have permission to use it, then don’t touch it. “Reg” Costello A P A ’s R a n d o r f C e l e b r a t e s W i l d e r n e s s C u d d y H o t e l L e c t u r e Mr. Mark Cuddy, a recent Paul Smith’s College graduate, was the lecturer on October 1st at the Hospitality Lecture. He represented Peabody Hotel Chain, where he works as the Assistant Corporate Food and Beverage Manager in one of their hotels. Mr. Cuddy began the lecture talking about the history of Peabody Hotels and about the different locations of their hotels. He presented a short film about their hotel in Memphis, showing the extra benefits the hotel has to offer. A l u m n i L a s V e g a s R e u n i o n i n N o v e m b e r The time has again arrived for all alumni to relive and share their years at PSC. November 13th through the 15th are the dates of the third annual Paul Smith’s College Century Club Reunion. The location of the fun-filled weekend is at the Frontier Hotel and Casino in the center of the famous Las Vegas strip. It will be hosted by Curt Thompson, Executive Vice President of Frontier Hotel, and Dan Celeste, Director of Purchasing at Bally’s Hotel, both 1967 TH graduates of PSC. The music theme of this year’s reunion will be from the ’50s and ’60s with live entertainment and dancing so you can “bop till you drop” ! A special banquet is also planned, fit to feast a king and his queen. Other unplanned festivities include all the sights, sounds, and opportunities the Frontier Hotel as well as all of Las Vegas have to offer. So if You are a PSC alumni and tired of the cold and snowy days, why not get away for a while? By pledging the Century Club, you will not only support the College’s efforts in building and maintaining quality education, you will be able to take advantage of this fun- filled, spectacular weekend. CRUISE SHIPS NOW H IRIN G . M/F Summer & Career Opportunities (Will Train). Excellent pay plus world travel. Hawaii, Bahamas, Caribbean, etc. CALL NOW: 2 0 6 - 7 3 6 - 0 7 7 5 Ext. 2 6 4 F Every Wednesday the Natural Resources Seminar located in the Freer Science Auditorium plays host to a guest speaker. On the week of September 30, Gary Randorf of the Adirondack Park Agency showed a specially prepared slide show made in 1985 to celebrate the 100th centennial anniversary of the N.Y.S. forest preserve. This slide show, “Celebration of Wildness,” has been shown in locations all over the Northeast. Its intention is to better educate the public about efforts going on to protect the Adirondack Park and lands. The Adirondack Park is “as large as the five largest national parks in the lower 48 states,” said Randorf. Gary also believes the Adirondack Park is unique in the country due to its mixture of public and private lands. James Salzlein Small Fire in Chem Lab After the film, Mr. Cuddy explained how he reached his present position and gave helpful suggestions to use when we begin our careers in the hospitality field. In an attempt to help more Paul Smith’s students become involved in Peabody Hotels, Mr. Cuddy is trying to arrange to return later in the year to hold interviews. If you are interested in finding out more about this hotel chain and the opportunities they have for you, stop in at the Placement Office. Ellen Williams It was just another peaceful day on the Paul Smith’s College campus. Classes were going on as scheduled, natural resource seminar was in full swing; but there was trouble in Chem Lab. At 1:30 P.M. chemistry teacher Mike DeAngelo was returning from his lunch break when he smelled smoke in the prep room of the chemistry lab: fire reached to the ceiling out of a 50 gallon yellow trash bucket. Reacting quickly, Mike grabbed a COJ fire extinguisher and attempted to put the fire out. After about 5 minutes and 3 chemical fire extinguishers, the fire and Mike were exhausted. Then, Grover Katzman, forestry teacher and firefighter, noticing the smoke in the building, ran out of the Natural Resource Seminar and quickly made his way to the campus fire house. There he sounded the fire alarm and notified Saranac Dispatch. This set the volunteer firefighters into motion. Not more than ten minutes after the fire alarm was pulled, firetrucks were on the scene. When the firetrucks arrived, it was only then that the Freer Science building alarm was pulled, in order to evacuate the building. The Paul Smith’s/Gabriels Fire Department put on an impressive show for all. Three fire engines and two water tankers were on the scene, along with all the firefighters in full rain gear, gas masks, and air tanks. The cause of the fire, a melted yellow mess that once was a trash bucket, was brought out first through the back door of Freer Science. Fans were then set up in the windows and doors to remove toxic fumes lingering throughout the building. Due to the toxic fumes, air tanks were used and classes were either canceled or relocated. Fire Chief Ron Jones believes that the cause of the fire is and may remain unknown. Professor De- Angelo suspects that the fire was caused by a chemical reaction of waste chemicals that were thrown away in the trash bucket. Who threw them away? Nobody knows because so many students and lab assistants dispose of chemicals. It takes just the right conditions to cause such a chemical fire. In the end, nobody was hurt and nothing was damaged except one 50 gallon bucket. Thanks to Mike DeAngelo and the PSC fire department, the Freer Science Building suffered no damage. Mark Skalny Post Script Editors Kathy Anderson Shawn M. Swanson Sports Editor Jeff Costello . International Editors Yaeko Aoyama Evelyn Martinez Marvin Wambua Staff Photographer Mark Skalny Advertising Josh Lipsitz . Mark Skalny Staff Writers Ellen Williams James Salzlein Holly Whitehill Advisor David Vinopal The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the POST SCRIPT staff as a whole, or of Paul Smith’s College.

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