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Post Script (Paul Smiths, N.Y.) 1946-2003, October 30, 1987, Image 10

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1 0 P S C N O T E S C A L E N D A R P S C W e l c o m e s P a r e n t s Yes, students, your parents are coming up, so let’s get those bedrooms cleaned, those grades up, and you had better mail that letter to them before they get here. For those of you whose parents are coming up, they will be arriving on Friday, October 30. Be there to welcome them; after all, they probably brought your television up. Parents Weekend holds in store many campus-wide activities, which will be on Friday night and all day Saturday. The Roommate Game, which will be on Friday night in the Longtin Cafeteria, will test how well roommates know each other, by asking a series of questions on each other’s habits. Prizes will be awarded to the winners, so if you and your roommate feel that you know each other well enough, then why not sign up and see how well you really know each other? Following the Roommate Game, there will be a Ghostly Halloween Dance in the Forestry Club Cabin. All are invited to attend in their favorite Halloween attire, and don’t forget to bring your Parents!!! Hopefully, after the Halloween Dance, your parents have loosened up and met some of your friends and their parents; by Saturday, they can meet your Professors, who will be having office hours during the day on Saturday. What a coincidence! I’m sure that we all have nothing to worry about since we have all been such good students. Just in case “ your” Professors are not having office hours, there will be many campus-wide activities that will ensure a good time for all. On Saturday afternoon, there will be a Woodsman Team Demonstration. It will be held at the Team shed located across from the Freer Science Building. This demonstration will exhibit the events that the Woodsman Team practices for their meets. If your Professors still aren’t in, then you can go to the Den in the Student Union where the International Club Carnival will be taking place. But be careful, because chances are that one or more of your Professors might be there getting something thrown in their faces. You can make your escape by heading out to the Quad to participate in the Pumpkin Putting contest, which is being sponsored by the Sophomore Class Officers. Yes, see how far you can Put a Pumpkin. Just be glad you don’t have to clean up the mess. If, after all of the day’s events, you and your parents, who are hopefully still with you, have worked up an appetite, then the Hotel Saranac is the place for you. There will be a Buffet, followed by a Dance later in the evening, which students and parents are welcome to attend. A final reminder to the student: you are allowed to dance with your parents. So let’s all get out there and have a good time. Welcome parents: we hope that you have a most enjoyable weekend at PSC. Shawn M. Swanson International Students, Fall 1987 Sophomores Ala tas, Nadira HM 1/87 Augier, Nathania TT 1/87 Fukatsu, Keiichi HM 9/86 Hirano,Yumi HM 9/86 Kaizu,Kohsuke HM 1/87 Koyano, Motohide HM 1/86 Lanigan, Kim HM 9/86 Maphathe, Nkhati CT 1/87 Morita, Kanako HM 1/87 Perret, Valerie TT 9/86 Tanaka, Nobuaki HM 9/86 Ferguson, Leonard FT 9/86 Soler, Miguel HM 9/86 Freshman Aoyama, Yaeko HM 9/87 Arai, Kengo HM 9/87 Attie, Fred CT 9/87 Benjamin, Winston HM 9/87 Fernandez, Juan Carlos HM 9/87 Fujimoto, Shuzo HM 9/87 Glasgow, Amos FR 9/87 Guillermo, Teofila HM 9/87 Hoshino, Morihiro HM 9/87 Ikeman, Marcy HM 9/87 Ishii, Akio HM 9/87 Ito, Atsushi HM 9/87 King’oo, Paul HM 9/87 Lockhart, Andrew FT 9/87 Lorenzi, Alicia HM 9/87Puerto Martinez, Evelyn HM 9/87Dominican Mogi, Nahoko HM 9/87Japan Munoz, Jose HM 9/87Dominican Mbole, Jennifer HM 9/87 Nishiyama, Ataru HM 9/87 Oizumi, Juichiro HM 9/87 Polanco, Yokasta HM 9/87 Poyer, Joel FS 9/87St. Reyes, Adalgisa HM 9/87 Tani,Takehiko TT 9/87 Tsukui, Yasuko LA 9/87 Wambua, Marvin HM 9/87Kenya Indonesia St. Lucia JapaN Japan Japan Japan Jamaica South Africa Japan France Japan Bahamas Puerto Rico Japan Japan Haiti St. Lucia Mexico Japan St. Vincent Dominican Republic Japan Canada Japan Japan Kenya St. Vincent Rico Republic Republic Kenya Japan Japan Dominican Republic Vincent Dominican Republic Japan Japan November 7 8-11 9 14 The Astonishing Neal 9 P M D e n Annual Hotel Show in N Y C PSC in N Y C Open House and Competitive Scholarship Testing 16 Violin and Harpsichord Recital (7 pm Cubley Library) 25 - 29 Thanksgiving Recess December 18 19-23 20 Last Day of Classes Final E x a m Period New Moon Christmas Concert (7 pm Cubley Library) P l a n n e d i P a r e n t h o o d b e f o r e . Planned Parenthood. When you need someone else to j a lk to. CALL 891-0046 F O R A N A P P O I N T M E N T O R M O R E I N F O R M A T IO N Nov. 15-21 Proclaimed Learning Week “Learning: The Rage At Any Age” will be the theme of a joint American Education Week/Adult Learning Week observance scheduled in New York State Novmeber 15-21. New York’s joint observance, offically recognizing that learning is important to people of all ages, is unique in the nation. Although most other states recognize the third week in November as the traditional time for American Education Week, New York is the only state in the nation to concurrently declare the week - through Governor’s proclamation - as Adult Learning Week. This is the third year of the joint observance in New York State, and it is the second consecutive year for the use of the theme “Learning: The Rage At Any Age.”

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