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V o l . 3 1 N o . 2 P o s + S c r i p t S e p t . 2 9 7 8 Alumni Weekend continued fro/n i Then the scene shifts to the quad for the Alumni versus Students Woodsmen Meet at 2 pm. This event is keenly contested every year. ^Later in the afternoon there will be class gatherings and general catch-up tours on the campus. Saturday night features a Cocktail Party and Dinner Dance at The Saranac. Cocktails begin at 6 pm with dinner at 7 pm. Special awards and the Rollcall of classes highlight the ban­ quet program follow­ ing dinner. Music for dancing will be provided by #The Waukesha' at 9 pm. Sunday Brunch in the Rgis Room of The Saranac offers an opportunity for a final get together beginning at 9 am. Fifth year or major reunion classes this year are 1948- The 30th; 1953-the 25th; 1958-The 20th; 1963- he 15th; 1968- he 10th; and 1973-The 5th. A large turnout is expected from these classes and all others as well. K e e p O n C k a i u i n ' Although there is a decline in the population of tobacco chewers here at Paul Smith's, the students in the block program at Gabes are mitigating the possibility of having a chew free forester group out of the eighty students par­ ticipating in the block program. There are ten of us who are hanging on to the tradition. Among the favorite brands of smokeless tobacco chewed by the Gabriel connoi- seurs are* Skoal, Redman, and Beechnut. Skoal is a leafless form of concentrated tobacco which is placed between the lip and gum. As Walt Garrison would say \It feels mighty relaxin in there.\ Redman and Beechnut are leaf tobacco sealed in an a i r tight pouch to keep the contents fresh. Red Redman is not only enjoyed by our student foresters but also by professional ball players such as Sparky Lyle and Cat­ fish Hunter. These players endorse the smokeless tobacco product which has increased in popular­ ity among pro ball players. It has also become popular in college ball. Skoal seems to be the most popular with the Gabriel terminals. Skoal has a Winter- green flavor and is kept in a small round tin . A bit of Skoal under the lower lip is referred to a dip or a pinch. As a matter of fact, last week a female termie asked me for a pinch. Of course I obliged. It did, indeed, look odd to see a young lady spew sp i t t l e from her mouth. I didn't care too much and she didn't either. We chewers do get our share of com­ plaints. When folks that are benevolent eno ucfr to give us a ride and put up with ur spitting out the window,find a brown racing stripe down the side of their car, they don't take too kindly to i t . I don't blame them there But when a person te l l s me how disgust- int chewing is, while blowing a lungful1 of smoke into my face I have no mercy. I have also been told that my teeth will rot and fall out and that my gums will rot. According to most doctors and dentists tobacco chewing is hygenically good for you mouth. At thw worst it will stain you teeth a light yellow, not a dark brown. I have been a smokless tobacco man for nearly two years. I enjoy a good chew out in the field and also in my room where I can expectorate into my antique cuspidor while study ng. Bring back the tradition. Give it a try! B. Maher 3.1'Main$1 P/dcid i : / & 4 4 t e n * T K & U H t o O t S f i & t U SPECIALISTS IN QUALITY, LIGHTWEIGHT CAMPING A N D MOUNTAINEERING EQUIPMENT W kw insuldied Sord® boois f sW ie book . Also uool pmh - all ve/£>Ws. Sock Aa/s t outdoor wear. <Si?ow6hoas. MAIN STREET LAKE PLACID, N E W YORK 12946 hr-s- Tel. (518) 523-2505 t f s a , z * c * P M [fMlltllillllllO l

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