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^ ^ V n l . 3 1 N o . 2 P o s t S c r i p t Sept. 2 9 7 8 Toaslmasters inferdional TENTH ANNUAL FrilLIP MORRIS MARKETING/ COMMUNICATIONS? COM­ PETITION WILL AWARD A TOTAL OF $3,000 TO STUDENTS NEW YoRK, N.Y. , SEPTEMBER 1978 - - Philip Morris In­ corporated has announced i t s tenth annual Marketing/ Communications Competition for College Students. The purpose of the competitibn is to provide students with a p r a c t ical and re a l i s t i c business p r o ject, bringing them into d i r e c t contact with the business com­ munity. A $1,000 grant w ill be awarded to the winning en tries a t the undergraduate le v e l ; runners up w ill receive $500 grants; and other f i n a l i s t s in the undergraduate and graduate categories w ill rec ive special merit awards. Entries may deal with any aspect of the broad areas of marketing/ commun­ icatio n s related to Philip Morris Incorporated, its non-tobacco oper­ ating companies or any of it s non­ tobacco products. Student chapters of professional so c i e t i e s , regular classes or comm«* itte e s of no less than five students at the under­ graduate level and no less than two at the graduate level under the counsel of full-tim e faculty members may submit proposals. In addition to the grants, two student represen­ ta t i v e s and the facu lty advisor f rom each of the winning and runner- up committees w ill be invited to be.Philip M o rris's guests a t corporate headquarters in New York or at an­ other corporate location to discuss th e i r proposals with Philip Morris execu tives. For additional information, please contact Marketing/ Communications Competition, Philip Morris Incorporated, 100 Park Avenue, *’ow York, NT 10017 A Toast-masters International club was organized la s t week following 6 months of preparation by a faculty-student steering committee, Student Council helped and a w e ll- attended meeting on Monday, Sept. 18, in the Phelps Smith Administration Build­ ing Lounge. The international organization which has chapters in most American c i t i e s works to provide a friendly atmosphere for business, pro­ fessional and tech­ nical people to pra­ c t i c e the s k i l l s of leadership and comm­ unication provided i its self-h e lp program. Monday n igh t's meeting brought 14 tab letop ic speakers from around the big table to the lectu r e . In what was perhaps the most generally enjoyed part of the program, each member or guest who el ected to do so, was pro­ vided a topic to study for one minute. He was then in tro ­ duced by the top ic- master ans spo ke fo r up to two minutes, The theme of the evening was weather. The main feature was heard 6-8 four minute speeches. Chris McCoy, sophomore hotel student, and professoj Greg Smith gave icebreakers. This is the f i r s t speech of the Toastmaster program and is des­ igned to help the speaker relax and get comfortable before an audience as he speakes about him self. Bob Donahoue, s phomore hotel student, and Prof. Murrel Gillan, chairman of the Steering committee, ended with \being in Earnest\ speeches. Guests from Ottawa and Cornwall, Canada, helped with the meeting. B ill Groom, a former d i s t r e c t governor, Dennis McNinch, President of the Seaway Toastmasters, and Bill Redher, Dis­ t r i c t governor, fille d evlauation roles and helped guide the meeting. The toastmasters program is a b i­ weekly two hour meeting which sch­ edules members to act as main speakers, tabletopics speakers, to a s t ­ masters, greeters, tim ers, etc. Members follow a professionally designed program for self-h e lp . Roles change frequently to assure a l l mem­ bers of active p a r ticip a tion in each program they atten d . Skills in giving and receiving evaluation are a major part of the leadership program. Toastmasters was founded in Caiifornic during the 1920*s. Many major corpor­ ations sponsor Clubs. A member of Paul Smiths Toastmasters may v i s i t and p a r t i c i ­ pate in a Club near his home or place of future work. The ■ ^ J Last tuesday 3,000 windows were mysteriously painted through out the campus.4** Smiths ity force caught a suspect in the act a- round dawn. The suspect taken to the office where he was found to be Jack Frost'. While security was iot watch­ ing Jack melted away. Security, beiig on the ball, notified the State Police who have warned people to be on the lookout for a thin man, 5 5 , with a cold look in his and F.cev fingers. He was last set.3 seen in the area stea\- winter coats from cold storage. The police add char the'/ feel that Jack will make his next move I t the early \lorn- iig.

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