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Vol. XXIII PAUL SMITH’S COLLEGE, PAUL SMITHS, NEW YORK ” No. 2 More Excitement To Shake P.S.C. Campus by Marc Schnipper From all appearances, the Spring Weekend promises to be rather ex­ citing. Certainly a great deal of excitement will be generated by the Intercollegiate Woodsman’s Weekend. The competition, which will include approximately 20 events, will span the afternoon of Friday, May 7th, and the morning and afternoon of Saturday, May 8 th. As the host school, we are re­ quired to provide the judges and competition wood, and to set up the competition areas. The judges will be selected from a group of faculty members who have volun­ teered their services. Their train­ ing will involve a familiarization with the rules handbook for the competition and the viewing of our Woodsman’s Team practice in or­ der to become better acquainted with the actual running of each event. If the judges are not to be caught napping, certainly our For­ estry Club (from which our Woodsman’s Team is chosen) is not to be, either. Practice was be­ gun on Saturday moi-ning, March 20 th, when the club cut the ice on the Lower St. Regis River and be­ gan canoeing practice. The follow­ ing Saturday, the stalwart group dug through the snow and ice be­ hind the Old Tool Shed in order to create a practice log-rolling pit. A schedule of practices has been arrived at also, including Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights from six o’clock at the Old Tool Shed. Saturday mornings will be spent canoeing on the Lower St. Regis, and Saturday afternoons will be spent practicing at the Old Tool Shed. During these future practices, the members of the Forestry Club will be timed during their activities, and from those times, the members of the “A” and “B” and hopefully “C”, Woodsmans Teams will be determined. The Teams will be an­ nounced on Friday night, April 16th, at the Annual Spaghetti Din­ ner, sponsored by the Forestry Club. To date, the Club has received a number of replies to the invitations sent out for the Woodsman’s Weekend. Responses in the affirm­ ative were sent by Colby College, The University of Maine, The Uni­ versity of Vermont, and West Point Academy. Regrets were ex- (Continued on i>age 2) W ho’s Who Twelve Paul Smith’s College stu­ dents have been elected to WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN JUNIOR COL­ LEGES. This is a great and well deserved honor for these students and in turn it brings honor to the College and all connected with it. The students who will be includ­ ed in the National Directory are: John A. Briggs — TH Paul M. Burakowski — TF/SO Ronald D. Burns — TH Kevin W. Deans — PH Juliette E. Dyson — LA Sandra J. Flynn — TH Gregory Karson — PF Lawrence G. Krouk — TH Harold P. Laskowski — PF John R. Pillis — BA Sylvia J. Salmi — LA Christine M. Walroth — PF These students will be presented with certificates during the Mov- ing-Up Day exercises. We con­ gratulate them now and hope that next year there will be an even larger number of students qualifi­ ed for inclusion in the nominations for this honor. Rumor by Roger LaGoy This article is written in the hope that it may dispell a number of rumors that have been circulat­ ing on campus of late. Sometime ago this writer was curious as to why a number of buildings on campus were left unnamed;subse­ quently, I wrote a letter to Dr. Buxton, requesting an explanation. Shortly thereafter I received a detailed reply from Dr. Buxton and an invitation to see him about any further questions I may have had. I saw him and had a lengthy in­ terview with him, the result of which is this aiticle and the follow­ ing documented information. Paul Smith’s College has never received an offer from any foun­ dation or individual for a new gym. Financial organizations are not in the habit of doling out monies; in fact, a formal request must be ('ntered. The reason why many buildings are named as they are is that they are named after men who have contributed significantly to Paul Smith’s College, financially or through services rendered. In the foreseeable future, P.S.C. will remain a two-year school with a liberal admissions policy. The primary source of income for the school is the interest accrued from (Continued on page 3) Suspected Arsonist Arrested On Sunday, March 28, a fire de- vestated the John Freer Science Building at P.S.C. The B.C.I. be­ gan immediate investigation into the cause of the fire since arson was suspected and Tuesday, March 30, a sophomore at P.S.C., Steve Pullen, was arrested and charged with second-degree arson. The fire was reported Sunday about 5 p.m. by Beth Mattran. During the height of the blaze, Professor Simkins and Dean Flath entered the building to salvage a few items, and members of the P.S.C. fire department helped man the hoses of the Bloomingdale and Lake Placid fire departments after they were unable to make the PSC fire truck pump prime because of lack of proper equipment. By 6:15, tho roof had collapsed and the building was a total loss. Along with the $300,000 value of the bui'ding, the fire caused the irreplacable loss of books, research notes, records and personal items belonging to faculty members whose offices were in Freer. A new schedule of meeting places for the classes previously held in Freer was issued immediate­ ly and the faculty members affect­ ed by the fire are now sharing offices with other faculty members. Many students worked most of Monday salvaging some chemicals and equipment from the burned building and plans for the new science building, to be constructed this summer, have been amended. Dr. Buxton, in discussing the new plans for the science building which will be completed by 11)72,. said that the building will cost, fully equipped, about $500,000. The original plans for the building had already been discussed and have been changed because of the loss of the space in Freer. The plans had been to renovate Freer, re­ place the auditorium seats and mod ernize the classrooms. Plans for the two story building will now in­ clude labs, lecture rooms, a green­ house and a large auditorium. Photos by Jim Sausville

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