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Page 6 P O S T S C R I P T January 12, 1968 O R G A N I Z A T I O N N E W S ARCHERY CLUB by Myra Wilson This year, the Archery Club, un­ der the direction of Mr. Carden, hopes to buy some new bales for their targets. This spring, the club hopes to go to Lake Champlain to compete in the Annual Shooting Events. The shooting is done with bows and arrows, while the fish are in the water. This is one method of fishing borrowed from the Indians. The club has changed the day when it will meet. The new day is Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., downstairs in the gym. Anyone, including coeds, is more than welcome to attend any of the meetings. MARK’S GRILL Lorvenbrau on T a p HOCKEY A meeting of the newly organ­ ized Hockey Club was held Thurs­ day night, November 1(>. There were about 30 persons in attend­ ance. A constitution was handed out and there was a discussion of the rules and regulations govern­ ing hockey. The club has offered to coach and referee the Pee Wee Hockey teams in Saranac Lake. Also mentioned was the renting of ice time in Lake Placid. If the administration approves this proposal for a Hockey Team, it could be the start of a new and exciting sport at Paul Smith’s. The advisor for the Hockey Club is Prof. John Drake a new Chemistry teacher at Paul Smith’s. Com pliments of ie air 5 tore - Ladies W earing A p p a r e l - Saranac Lake, N.Y. HOTEL CLUB by Jack Blackburn The Hotel Club held its annual Spaghetti Dinner on Novemer 10th, at the Hotel Saranac. About thirty people attended. Brian King did a fine job as chairman. A brief talk was given by Mr. Robert McKillip advisor of the Hotel Club, on “Various Managerial Outlooks.” Several members attended the Hotel Show in New York City and came back with a view into the future of the Hotel Industry. Some received job offers from some of the companies that were repre­ sented. All enjoyed themselves and many pairs of shoes were worn out by the sightseeing expeditions they took. The Club is planning a Christ­ mas party on or around the 15th of December. Other activities have been planned and the hope is for a successful year, But more stu­ dent interest must be shown. The Club is mainly for Hotel stu­ dents. However, all are welcome to join. Little interest has been shown thus far. If the Hotel Club is to continue, we need your sup­ port. The Hotel Club should be the most active club on campus, but it can’t be with just a handfull of students participating'. We wel­ come any and all students who are interested and invite you to at­ tend the meetings. The officers and members of the Hotel Club wish all students, fac­ ulty and administration a Bright and Prosperous New Yeark. - Foresters Jackets — B lue L ine S p o r t S h o p • 32 Broadway SARANAC LAKE, N.Y. — Hunting Licenses — THE RIFLE CLUB by Brent Engelhart In previous years, Paul Smith’s College has been represented with a rifle team, but until last year there wasn’t a Rifle Club. This year it is becoming better known to the students. This year’s officers arc;: P r e s id e n t ________ George Foster Vice-President ____ Gary Parker T r e a s u r e r -------------- Steve Vacula Acting S e c r e ta r y ________ Dennis 1 )araghy Faculty A d v iso r ______ Professor Woodward The firing range is located un­ derneath Buxton Gymnasium and the meetings are held in Room 7 of Cantwell Hall. During the year, movies will be shown. In competition, ten shots are fil­ ed from the three positions — prone, off-hand, and kneeling — in a span of thirty minutes. The shots are fired at a ten-ring, one- quarter inch in diameter, from a distance of fifty feet. Only .22 caliber rifles are used because the range is not suitable for larger guns. Compliments of BOYCE & ROBERSON INC. SARANAC LAKE, N.Y. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (Continued from page 4) said, “It’s not as good as the juice from that first apple, but it’ll do.” Adam and Eve have bravely faced new frontiers since time be­ gan. They have watched Eden since it was torn down and pioneer houses put up instead. They have then seen these houses give way to brick houses and small villages. Now when they look out at their garden, they see a new kind of ever-growing flower — the sky scraper. Adam and Eve have always been conscious of their appearance. The changes in fashion have been an­ other source of amusement to them. “It’s like a cycle,” Eve ex­ claimed, “first we were naked and wore leaves from trees for cloth­ ing. The ages have used every kind of material from steel armor to fur for this same purpose. Now we are once again back to a pro­ duct from the tree — paper dresses.” When asked about current cos­ metics and beauty aids, Eve felt that nothing was really new about them at all. Her only comment was, “Coconut oil has always been used to keep the hair shiny. I taught that to my first daughter, and she’ a lot older than Helena Rubenstein.” Adam feels that Eve has ad­ justed to the big changes in time as well as he has. They both miss not seeing a friendly dinosaur in the river, but ocean liners docked in the harbor take away some of the nostalgia. It has been difficult for them to accept the new calendar and time standard. But even Eve admits a Timex is a lot more convenient than a sundial. Methods of transportation and communication are much better they both believe. “Instead of swinging from one tree to another by yourself, you swing from one country to another with a lot of other people.” Adam remarked. They agreed aviation is a blessing. When asked about the personal side of their marriage, Eve quick­ ly said. “It was love at first sight. It was if he were the only boy in the world and I, the only girl.” Adam and Eve vacation in Flor­ ida every winter. They combine business with pleasure as they go down to check on their orange groves. Adam said that oranges were a surer investment than apples. Their lives are not stagnant. They do a lot of reading. They take a familial interest in every book that is written because they know some member of their fam­ ily wrote it. When asked if they had any special plans for the future, they were both certain of one thing- — a gigantic anniversary party for their Zinc anniversary. (That’s when all gifts given are made from- zinc. It is similar to the silver and golden anniversary.) It will mark the 10,000th year of happy married life for them. Adam and Eve leave Sardi’s and hop a cab for the Kennedy heli­ port. As the both help each other up the stairs leading to the helicopter, the real care and love that they have always had for each other is evident once more. Support Your Student Council SORRY ABOUT THAT, BOB! GIFTS FOR HER SARANAC LAKE, N.Y. Com p lim ents of THE BROOKSIDE HOTEL BLOOMINGDALE, N.Y. Compliments of TROY LAUNDRY Saranac Lake, New York

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