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Page 8 P O S T S C R I P T May 17, 1967 RETREAT. (1. to r.): Tom Sherman. Vesta Goodnough. Rev. Stevenson, Audrey Harper. Fran Parish, Bill Baltzersen, Mr. Zampier. Dan Miller. Rev. Selig, Russ Bailey, Jim Schaeler, Paul Rundle. ? If Only I Could Get Away by Tom Sherman Have you ever been on a Christ­ ian retreat? If you have, you know how rewarding it is in spiritual uplifting. A retreat as defined by The Dic­ tionary of the Episcopal Church is, “A period of retirement for the deepening of the spiritual life, which involves a temporary sub­ mission to a rule of silence, medi­ tation, instruction and conferences. Ten students and two faculty members attended a interdenomi­ national retreat at Land’s End on April 14th and 15th. Land’s End owned by the Presbyterian Church, is located off Route 3, between Tupper Lake and Paul Smith’s, on Upper Saranac Lake. Reverend Selig of the Saranac Lake Presbyterian Church and Reverend Stevenson from the Tupper Lake Presbyterian Church led the discussions. The main top­ ics discussed were: “Who am I?”, “Where am I going?”, and “What is my purpose in life?” Many of the answers were proposed theories and some were definite church doctrines. A short period of bible study was offered. There was also a period of silence that did much to help the individual arrange his thoughts before the next discus­ sion period. The main purpose of the re­ treat was to deepen the spiritual experience of those who attended. It did. Town & Country Shop First in Fashion for the College Set THE CURRIER PRESS INCORPORATED 1 0 7 B r o a d w a y S a r a n a c Lake, N .Y . for d iscrim in a t in g p a trons P. O. Box 391 Dial 891-0590 Rifle Team by Bob Casper The Rifle Club is closing a very successful season with an outlook for an even more promising next year. The club is composed almost entirely of freshmen and there­ fore, will have the necessary expe­ rience its members will need next year. This past month, the club has shown a movie entitled “Wild Her­ itage,” the first of several movies planned for the enjoyment of the members and anyone interested. The Rifle Team, sponsored by the club, has completed its season with a record of three wins out of five matches. The team ’s nine members include only two sopho­ mores which means th a t there will be a strong returning team next year. The Rifle Club has started its N.R.A. Qualification Program for the members to determine who will be eligible for the new team. The club has also made tentative plans to improve the range for next fall. The club is still in the forma­ tive stages but it has possibilities of becoming a good representative for the school. Anyone interested in shooting should contact a mem­ ber of the club for details. M O O D Y ' S S U N O C O GAS ACCESSORIES ROUTE 192 OIL COLLEGE INN Bob and Geri Meslin Legal Beverages Package License RAINBOW LAKE ROAD GABRIELS, N.Y. RIVERSIDE SERVICE STATION Oil — TEXACO —( Gas i i Main and River St. Dial 891-3755 Saranac Lake, N.Y. The Answer To Your Problems Dear Harvey, Everytime I start to sip my coffee I get terrible pain in my eye. I’ve been to the doctor and he can’t seem to find anything wrong with it. W hat could it be? Signed, Had an eyeful Dear Eyeful, Next time you have a cup of coffee try taking the spoon out. Harvey GROCERIES EASY STREET FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE (continued from p a g e 6) CHEMISTRY 142 A — Freer H a ll' Lecture Rm. Mr. Cronburg B — Freer H a ll' Drawing Rm. Mr. Cole D — Freer H a ll' Acct. Lab. - - Mr. Jessie CHEMISTRY 132 — Cantwell Hall -Rm. 3 — Profs. Carden, Purchase ZOOLOGY — Cantwell Hall - Rm.10, 17 BIOLOGY — 142 — Cantwell H a ll' Rm. 12 Profs. Simkins, Deitz, Woods 2:00 - 5:00 Afternoon Period SAWMILLING 122 — Freer H a ll' Auditorium Mr. Schick, Prof. Woodward HISTORY 131, 132 — Cafeteria - Longtin Mr. Smith, Profs. Agan, Purchase CALC. 241, 242 — Old Classroom Bldg'Rm. 10 — Prof. Kirche DIFF. EQ. 232 — Old Classroom Bldg.'Rm 10 Prof Kirche M A T H 134 — Cantwell Hall'Rm. 17 — Prof Hadley SPEECH 132 — Cantwell Hall'Rm. 10 — Mr. Barra SPEECH 132 - Cantwell Hall'Rm. 3 Mrs. Easter TUESDAY, M A Y 30 — 9:00 - 12:00 Morning Period NURSERY 132 - Freer Hall'Auditorium Mr. Axtell, Mr. LaBounty ENGLISH 131, A'B - Freer Hall'Auditorium Mr. Smith ENGLISH 131, C — Freer Hall'Drawing Rm. Mr. Cole ENGLISH 131, D'E'F Freer Hall' Lecture Rm. Mr. Myler, Mr. Belknap ENGLISH 132, G 'H IJ'K Cafeteria'Longtin Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Peroni. Mr. Rosenberg ENGLISH 132 A'B Cantwell Hall'Rm. 12 Mr. Barra, Mrs. Rice ENGLISH 132 C Cantwell Hall'Rm. 10 Prof. Baldwin D -Cantwell Hall'Rm. 14 Mr. Russell E — Cantwell Hall'Rm. 15 Mr. Schick F - Cantwell Hall'Rm. 17 — Mr. Houghton 2:00 - 5:00 Afternoon Period PSYCH. 132 — Cantwell Hall'Rms. 12, 10 Mr. Zampier, Profs. Easter, Simkins PSYCH. 131 - Cantwell Hall'Rms. 14, 17 Prof. Trumbull, Mr. Belknap DENDROLOGY 141 Cantwell Hall-Rms. 3, 7 Profs. Woodward, Hoyt, Mr. Dudek HOTEL ORIENTATION 112 Freer Hall'Auditorium and Lecture Rm. — Prof. Purchase, Mrs. McKee, Mrs. Peroni FRENCH 132, 232 - Old Classroom Bldg.'Rm. 6 Prof. McKee W E D N E S D A Y , MAY 31 — 9:00- 12:00 Morning Period ALGEBRA 131 — Rooms assigned by teachers TRIG. 132 -— Rooms assigned by teachers BUS. MATH 131 — Cantwell Hall'Rms. 12, 10, 14 BUS. MATH. 132 — Cantwell Hall'Rms. 17, 15, 16, 7 Freer Hall'Auditorium Cafeteria'Longtin 2:00 - 5:00 Afternoon Period GEOLOGY 132 A'B-C - Cafeteria'Longtin Mr. LaBounty, Dean Rutherford HOTEL MGT. 232 — Cantwell Hall'Rms. 10, 12 Prof. Purchase, Mr. McKillip PROCTORS: Prof. Kirche, Prof. Hadley. Mr. Rosenberg, Mr. Bel' knap, Mr. Russell, Mr. Jessie, Mr. McKillip, Prof. Baldwin, Prof. Deitz, Prof. Peroni, Prof. Houghton, Prof Carden, Prof. Cole.'

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