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Page 4____________________________________________________________ P O S T S C R I P T __________________ ____________________________ May 17, 1967 O R G A N I Z A T I O N N E W S Forestry Club’s Annual Spaghetti D inner (1. to r . ) : Steve Laroe. E rnie Franklin. Mr. Hoyt, Jim Runyon, Lt. Col. Naftel, D ean R u therford, Dr. Buxton. Dean Twombley. Archery Club by Gerry McCormick The Paul Smith's Archery Club has new plans for enthusiastic archers in the future. This spring the club hopes to build an outdoor range, consisting of targets placed at different locations in the woods to give the archers a combination of short and long shots. The members of the club, direc­ ted by Professor Carden, are: Michael Furman, President; John Fisher, Vice President, Sec. and Treas., Jim Barnett; Stephen Abondolo, Chester Galemba, Nor­ man Fredder and Burt Harness. Every Monday night, at seven o'clock, the club meets in the gym to practice shooting and to have a business meeting. Become an archer, and get that big buck early this year! H. S. M. A. by Jim Stout On May 19th the Junior Chapter of the Hotel Sales Management Association will have its first an­ nual President’s Banquet, at the Hotel Saranac. There will be a cocktail hour starting at 7 o’clock, followed by a Prime Rib dinner. Frank Berkman, Executive Vice President of H.S.M.A., past Pres­ ident Angus MacDonald, and Pres­ ident Charles Grigsby, will be the special guests 0f the Junior Chap­ ter. Other distinguished members attending the dinner will be Louis Bosnett (President of the Capital District Chapter), Sam Ford Lindy (Founder of the Junior Chapter), Steve Sanstrum (Director of Sales for W. M. Capital Management Corp.), William Rose. (Director of Sales for the Taft Hotel), Cap­ ital District members, and many others who have shown an interest in attending the event. Both members and non-members are welcome. Tickets may be pur­ chased from any of the officers of the H. S. M. A. EVERETT’S For OUTDOOR COMFORT CLOTHING S p o r t s w e a r — F o o t w e a r $ 45 Broadw ay SARANAC LAKE, N.Y. Phone 891-3190 Foresters Have Spaghetti Dinner by Bob Casper On Friday night, April 14. the Paul Smith’s College Forestry Club sponsored its Annual Spaghetti Dinner. The Forestry Club has been sponsoring this non-pi’ofit dinner for as long as the club has been in existence. The dinner was origi­ nally held in the White Pine Rec Hall, but since the building was destroyed by fire, it has been held in the Hotel Saranac. The purpose of the dinner is to announce the teams that will represent the school in the spring Woodsmen’s Meet. Although the teams repre­ sent the school, all expenditures are paid for by the Forestry Club. Master of Ceremonies and Presi­ dent of the Forestry Club, Jim Runyon, started things by intro­ ducing Coach Hoyt, who announc­ ed the teams. The “A” Team is composed of team captain Phil Brown, Butch Lane, Don Dozier, Mike Mullarney, Bob Meyer, Jim Runyon, and the alternate, George Lindner. The “B” Team is compos­ ed of Don Hayes, Bob Shepphard, Jeff Weatherbee, Bob Jardine, Ken Ewald, Noel W iggins, and Ken Swarner, alternate. Next on the agenda was dinner. Waiters brought out plate after plate of spaghetti and bottle af­ ter bottle of beer. Almost every­ one had seconds and even thirds of both. After a dish of ice cream for dessert, everyone was given a cigar. Steve Laroe then introduced the guest speaker, Lt. Col. Stacy Naf­ tel, Chief of Wing Operations and Training Division at Plattsburgh Air Force Base. After a brief introduction, Col. Naftel gave an extremely inter­ esting and informative talk, \The Mission of the Strategic Air Com­ mand.” He used slides to comple­ ment his talk. Afterwards a ques­ tion and answer period was held in which Col. Naftel answered questions concerning SAC. The dinner ended at eight-thirty and everybody had an enjoyable evening. Student Christian Association by C h a rles H u b e rt The Christian Association has had a very successful year even though there is little to show for it in a material sense. Instead of showing on the outside of one’s self, the success has been inside each member. They have accom­ plished a spiritual well-being. The members have learned both the biblical concepts of living harmon­ iously with others and how these ideas have helped to make their lives more meaningful. With the election of new officers to be held soon, The Christian Association is looking forward to another successful year. A Happening — WPSC by Bud Ferm an Coming soon! The NEW WPSC is installing a new control panel and transmitter. The bulk of the work is being done by Mr. Carden, WPSC’s advisor. Mr. Carden is as­ sisted by Steve Mullins and Joe LaTour. The broadcasting schedule has been extended from 1:30 P.M. un­ til midnight. So far, it has been successful. The following Disc Jockeys are Tau Kappa Beta by Charles Foss 1 he constitution of Harriman House proclaims that the frater­ nity of Tau Kappa Beta is a social and service organization. The soc­ ial aspect has been carried on with great success while the service factor has been greatly neglected. In the last month T.K.B. has started to rectify the lack of em­ phasis on service. The brothers have had a coffee hour which fol­ lowed the Sunday night service at St. John’s In-the-Wilderness. They have also sponsored one of the Bible discussion meetings that are held weekly in faculty and frater­ nity houses. I he latest proposal being con­ sidered, is the adoption of a foster child. A sum of money will be sent each month to the Foster Parent Plan which will be enough to purchase food, books, clothes, drugs and any other necessities a child would need. Compliments of TROY LAUNDRY Saranac Lake, New York a welcome addition to the station staff: Steve Barton, Dan Covett, Stan Zimmer, Rick Mordwin and Bob Shepard. Please watch for the listener poll in the cafeteria and stay tuned for these famous last words: “Sock it to m e!” - Super Sam “Howdy Cousins” - Cousin Barry “It’s a college” - The Peck “ Don’t settle for less than sec­ ond best” - Fern “Are your Five-Day-Deodorant pads on the sixth day Roto-Rooter skin divers?” - Steve Barton Alpha Phi Omega Rho Alpha Chapter by John McConnell On May 19, the brothers of Rho Alpha plan to celebrate their first anniversary as a chartered chap­ ter of Alpha Phi Omega. They are making plans for a banquet dinner to be held at The Lodge on Lake Clear. Before the banquet, on May 19, the spring pledge class will be inducted into the brotherhood of Alpha Phi Omega. Rho Alpha president, Les Harmon, said, “I hope that we will be able to en­ gage a representative from the national office of APO to speak at our first anniversary celebration.” Rho Alpha is working hard to prepare its pledges for active mem­ bership. The current pledge class, nine strong, includes: Neal Bitting, Alan Briggs, Alwyn Darmstadt. Charles Evans, Bud Ferman, Barry Homa, Tom O’Connor, Lou Iiiccio and Jim Sitts. They can be re­ cognized by the blue and gold pledge keys they carry. Their pledge master John Eisler, said, “They show a lot of enthusiasm toward Alpha Phi Omega and have been working hard on their serv­ ice projects. They promise to be the best pledge class yet.” F R A T E R N I T Y N E W S k.

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