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Page 2 P O S T S C R I P T May 17, 1967 S c r i p t Vol. XIX May 17, 1967 No. 6 Editor _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ Audrey Harper Associate Editor Glenn Arnold Business Manager W illiam Daum Sports Editor __ _ ___ __ _ Ralph Greenwood Social'Feature Editor __ Janet Tool Photoraphy Editor . _ . . _. _ _ Bob Casper Humor Editor __ _ _ Terry Kerrigan Fraternity Editor . Tom Sherman Club Editor _ _ _ Randall Hicks Typing Editor _ Patricia Kenney Distribution Tau Kappa Beta Circulation'Exchange Editor _ _ _ Jan Trzeciak Adtiisors Mr. Donald Trumbull Mr. Edmond Zampier Editorial I don’t that that there were many students on campus April 20th at lunchtime, who missed our first daytim e fire. As some have ironically put it, “It was a great fire!” I live in the city and have only seen a few fires. There, the road is blocked and the spectators are pushed back by policemen. W h en the professional fire fighter appears on the scene, he takes over, and every' one else stays out of his way. Our fire at school was very much different from the usual orderly fire scene at home. Almost everyone helped in some way. Many of the residents of the Snake Pit came running from classes or the cafeteria to save their belongings. One student who didn’t learn of the fire until it was almost too late to enter the burning building, raced into the dorm, only to find his door broken down and three students, not even resi' dents of the Pit, carrying armloads of belongings to safety. Some grab' bed Indian pumps and combed the brush surrounding the blazing mass, while others started moving machinery and cars endangered by the flames. Everyone tried to do something to protect the area, since saving the building would have been impossible. Then, of course, I’d have to mention that group that we loosely call a Fire Department. It seemed especially funny to some that this group was watching their proposed new fire house burn to the ground. And it was probably even funnier that the A dirondack E n t e r p r ise said, “Some ancient fire'fighting equipment from the college itself was utilized. I guess everyone would have to agree that ancient would seem to be the right word and the glaring omission of the existence of a Paul Smith’s Fire Department could only be expected. George King, the Fire Department chief, and his crew have work' ed hard to make that old equipment usuable. Granted, the equipment is hardly worth the work put into it. But the important fact is that these people have put more time and energy into trying to make the Fire Department an integral part of Paul Smith’s than will ever be appreciated by anyone except, maybe, a few. The following letter was written to the Chief shortly after the Snake Pit fire. April 20, 1967 Dear George, It seems that after every fire, drill, or work detail, George King presents everyone who helps with a sincere “thank you.” Sure, w e’ve got lousy equipment and we make fools of our­ selves on things like the Pit fire this afternoon. Mr. Gokey can make a joke about our keeping a fire going longer than any other company. True, the name “cellar savers” seems ap- propriate. Yet, it hurts. Yet, we have something that every other company in the state can be envious of morale. It takes guts and team spirit to stand up against the guff o f those who laugh. George, you started with an idea. This materialized in the form of the Paul Smith’s Fire Department. This department and its officers have all gone beyond the simple call of duty under your guidance to build something out of nothing. Maybe, if we had good equipment, we could have saved the Pit. Yet I believe that every man who fought the fire as a member of the department is proud to say that he is a member of the Paul Smith’s Fire Department. George, my hat’s off to you for all you’ve done for this company and this school. Speaking for all the members of the Fire Department and Alpha Phi Omega, we appreciate your guidance, drive and initiative. In short, “Thanks, George.” W ill Daum Most of the students worked hard on the fire but a special thanks belongs to the Fire Department. As another member of the Fire Depart' ment, I d like to say Thanks too, George. The people who laughed, George, are the people who didn t help. They were probably afraid that they, themselves, might be laughed at. — T h e E ditor Letter To The Editor by Jan Trzeciak I would like to congratulate the Post Script on the quality of its reporting. The faculty advisors and editors take great effort to be certain the reporting is accurate. I agree th a t there are mistakes which get past the careful eyes of the proofreaders, but there is little evidence that the reporter wrote “just anything” to fill in space or to get the article finish­ ed in time. I noticed recently, in a local newspaper account of the Snake Pit fire, that this type of error was made. Apparently, the report­ er wrote anything that came to his mind, either because he did not have time to make certain he was accurate or because he thought it would make the read­ ing more interesting. I am refei-- ring to the report that the “girls draped themselves rather languidly over the heavy fenders of the fire trucks rolling their eyes at the campus heroes . . . who . . . were still full of the unspoken urge to procreate the species.” He did not take into consideration the fact that one of those girls was watching the gauge of the tanker for the Paul Smiths Fire Dept. And I’m sure that our “campus heroes” only had time to think about saving the dorm. Also, he captioned one picture, “some were comfortable as the fire raged.” This picture showed the editor and the associate editor of the Post Script conferring on the accuracy of their m aterials for a report of the fire. Believe me, they were not comfortable for long because they ran all over the area questioning people and i‘echecking their information. There were one or two other mistakes that may only have been typographical, and I do not mean to say that the report on the front page was not well written, but I do believe that the editorial con­ cerning the fire was hurriedly put together and was really irrelevant. I, myself, made the mistake of not having an article proofread by the proper authority before submitting it to the Post Script staff. I re­ ceived a letter listing my errors and know how upset people can be when their actions are misin­ terpreted to the public. C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s by Gerry McCormick C o n g ratulations to Allan Scho­ field who partcipated in the Bos­ ton M arathon an April 19th. A fter months of training and many hard practices totaling over 400 miles of running, Allan ran the M ara­ thon in two hours, forty-nine min­ utes, and forty-nine seconds, plac­ ing 102nd out of 733 entries. The Boston M arathon, a race over twenty-six miles in length, is run each year by harriers from around the world. The race starts at Hopkinton Square, twenty-six miles outside Boston, and finishes in f ront of the Prudential Building in Boston, M assachusetts. Dave McKinsey, from New Zea­ land. won the race and set a record of two hours, fifteen minutes and forty-five seconds. This is twenty- seven seconds faster than last year’s record set by Japan. Allan wants to sta r t middle- distance running in the near fu t­ ure. Again, congratulations and good luck to a fine athlete. C O N G R A T U L A T IO NS (Continued from page 1) The present Student Council members are finding themselves without copies of the constitution as the new members borrow them to acquaint themselves with the procedures for running the student government. The new officers will also attend several meetings and I'eceive instructions from the out­ going officers. The Student Coun­ cil of 19f>7-fi8 should be busy, with all the suggestions for activities that have already been expressed. This year’s election campaign was organized by Richard “Doc” Folk and Dave Johnson. Compliments of THE BROOKSIDE HOTEL BLOOMINGDALE, N.Y. CONGRATULATIO NS (Continued from page 3) a socology m aior at Nnagara Uni­ versity. A fter he gratuates in Aug­ ust he plans to become a social worker in either Buffalo or Hud­ son. COMPLIMENTS OF SltJirontmcfc palv . <Unterpris»e SARANAC LAKE, N.Y.

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