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Page* *2 POST SCRIPT JANUARY 30, 1953 t y o s L . q ) C ^ f > EDITOR Ann Luce M A N A G IN G EDITOR Neil Lukow STAFF LITERARY: Boh Kramer 0/ Don Gunnel PH O T O G R A P H Y : C. Randall D. W ilkins LAYOUT: Ann Snell Cynthia Bates SPORTS: Jerry Sevits REPO R T E R S : William Barry Dora Boyer John Hawkinson Pete Burnett Lennie Lecher Roy Miltner Jackie St. John Doug Wilkins BUSINESS M ANAGER Al Lippay CIRCULATION MANAGER Skip Myler ADVISORS Dr. McKee Mr. Tyldesle Mr. Valenti Philosophical He had already run eight miles over the arduous winding c os> country trail. lie was a nimble and stalwart langlaufer, and although it was a raw yet windless day, the feeling of spring was in his blood (only the langlaufe’-s feel this). A chill-removing sun hung in the pale blue sky. The subtle trickling of a hal ['hidden brook was trying hard to make its presence known. It was near to the trail and the lang- laufer heard it. And so it was here he paused. . . he c in a philosophy J cal moment he saw a tiny unknown wo \Id. He lay down on the small brook’s bank, never removing or rega ding poles or skis, and with some dif- ficulty and turned ankles? he bowed his head for a natural rewa d of the coldest, clearest water. Ah, how cold and sweet that clear water was. Then he lifted his head slight' ly and saw it. The sun reflected be­ fore him the tiny, unknown wo Id of glittering pebbles and swaying drifting green mosses — it was the streams bottom. So shallow and so sandy it was and all in 1 allanccd symmetry too. He had never noticed its supreme beauty until now. W h at a perfect gem of the g-eat wide world he had found. Ilere was r minute aquatic kingdom too small for even the most insignificant of minnows, and yet it held su:h depth and sparkling symmetry that the langlaufer’s attention could not T A L L T I M B E R The members of the Forestry De­ partment were joined by the whole school in bidding farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Christensen. The Student Council gave the Christensens a sur­ prise party in the hotel lounge on Monday evening, November 24. The members of the Council we e joined by the members of the Faculty. The guests of honor we e presented with a beautiful set of sterling silver candle sticks from the student body: a book entitled “Trout” from the Sophomore Terminal fo-este-s; and finally a beautiful leather brief case and “ Parkr 51” pen and pencil set from the members of the Forestry Club. Needless to say the Christen­ sens were a very happy couple that night but we were very saa to have such an excellent teacher leave old P. S. C. Chris is going back to school at Syracuse University to obtain his Masters degree. W e wish him the best of luck. At this time we would like to take the opportunity to welcome Mr. Hoyt, who will take Chris’s place on the Forestry staff. N O T I C E ! ! ! A L U M N I This issue of the “ Post S c r ip t ” is prim a rily for vou. We plan on having one more issue in the spring devoted to you. However, we need news about you. W henever you change jobs, get promoted, married or have children let us know so that we may inform your former classm a tes. Remember, our paper can only be as newsv and as interesting as you want to make it. So let’s go alumni! Address all correspondence to: Alumni Office, Paul Sm ith’s College, Paul Sm ith’s, New York. be distracted from his deep per­ ceptual gazing. lie tried to penetrate a God-made barrier in that momen­ tary pause and discover the mean­ ing on the existence of this little natural phenomenon. He saw the swirling pattern of minute matter, the occasional rock­ ing of one golden pebble from its resting place, the gently swaying green algae like the mythical mer­ maid s hair, a million pebbles, each one being different (a phenome­ non in itself), a nd lastly he saw the clear cold water which had so well quenched a thirst. He failed to penetrate the barrier — And so he took another d ink and departed. “Money will never bring real security. W h at you have in your pocket can be lost or taken from you, but what you have in your head, is yours and yours alone to use.” Well we have lost another good foreste-. This poor guy received about the worst fate anyone could expect. Yep’, you guessed it, It’s Ken VanAlstein. Never the less we ex­ tend our best wishes and all the luck in the world to him and his lovely bride, who incidently happens to be a student nurse in Buffalo. Ken’s best man was Joe Bnumeister — also a fellow forester. How do foresters get into such predicaments anyway’’ “Flash” — “W ild” Bill finally came through in class the othe*- day and said quote “ You know boys, I’m tired of talking,” unquote. We see that many of the Pre- Pros. are getting wise — finally they’re switching to the terminal course. Hey Ralph! That's not an air­ plane window you’re looking out of it’s a Sterioscope. C. B. says the army is breathing down his neck and he may have to leave us, now we couldn’t have him do that could we? W ho were the three fellows that recently showed their “love” for their school and team by walking almost all the way to Malone to see a basketball game. Famous last words — “W h at a chance to sleep, this report will be a snap.’ You guys get to table No. 7 yet? Has anybody noticed Chuck Clyne j taking boxing lessons from Mike Eiss j in the chow hall? After his decisive win, Mike refused to make a state­ ment to the press. Bracebridge didn't you find that Crystal Springs Dairy was an in- convient place to pa-k you car? I guess the Pre-Pros, have their headaches like the rest of us. P n weary Soph was encountered in the Accounting office ea’ly one mo-ning trying to get his traverse to balrncj. Do you still think the adding ma­ chines are off, Dave? We hear that some of the T. F. Sophs made a mistake??? on their campus maps. They called L a m b e t the Coffee Shop. Don’t worry, the-e were a few trials and tribulations with Hornblower too. He insisted that a station be established in the living room of Baker for better loca­ tion of detail. “Birdlegs” has finally broke down and got himself a new team of squir- Paul Sm ith’s Ski Team A ctivities The competitive season got unde- way for the Bobcats at an individual training meet at Franconia, NIT, which included a nine mile coss country race and a giant slalom race of 34 gates on the Cannon T ail. On Dec. 20 a girl s cross country race ■'ta-ted at 12:o0 and onlv th\\ee grTs appeared for the event. O ik female Jack Armstrong , Shirley Homburger won by over two minutes and was th ee minutes ahead of the course record for girls. At 1:00 p. m. the men’s cross country race started and Bob Axtell,with an early starting or­ der, finished in third place behind Claude Richer, Canadian Olympic ace, who had little more than one minute margin. Ralph Miller, D a rt­ mouth’s best skier, finished second. Our other ski team members showed considerable progress over last year and finished well against a field of 51 racers. Capt. Ted McLane led the other boys by several minutes, with Jim Craig, Bob Moore, and Al Llip- pay following him in that order. Al, in his first race, got lost on the course and almost climbed Cannon Mt. On the following day the boys were entered in the giant slalom on Cannon Trail’s lower half, where Bob Axtell finished first ahead of Jim C-aig and Ted McLane. There were eight Olympic skiers from several countries in the event, so Bob Ax- tell had to be content with 22nd nlace in a field of eighty-two finish­ ers. Our skiers will enter a number of loc~l races involving strictly individ- uni competition. These will take place -t Saranac Lake, Old Forge and W hiteface Mt. This will give the girls o-e chance to acqui-e experience. Shirley Homburger, giT s team cap­ tain shows considrable p-omise and i« joined in skiing interest by Nora W itt, who has shown steady improve­ ment. Barb W alker, Shirley M u rfin, and Laura Stevens. W e hope the girls (Continued Page 6, Col. 2) 'els; the other team was rather shak­ en up. WTe hear that A -t Nesbitt has bought out Hornblowers stock in Baker Landing.

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