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EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Ruth Weston Managing Editor Joseph MacDonald Assistant Editors Richard Koeritz William Richardson Sports Editors Richard Gardner Henry Krebs Literary Editors Douglas Blakelock — Tall Timber Alan Pierce — Can Opener Richard Degnon Norman Hegelein — Ricochets Reporters Donald Clukies Robert Pick Frank Demetrowitz Roger Weston Business Manager Arthur Lebow Advertising Manager Joseph Corcuera Circulation Manager Martin Maloney Staff Photographer Robert Incas Faculty Advisors Mr. John Huntley Mr. Raymond Valenti Page Two Published by the students of Paul Smith’s College, Paul Smiths, New York Member of Intercollegiate Press. E D I T O R I A L Freshmen, here is an opening for a position! Of course, there is no salary but this position will give you a good deal of satisfaction. A college paper is one of the most, important functions on a campus. To have this publication, people must offer their services and be willing to cooperate. Freshman are needed on this paper because there must be someone to fill the positions of the present sophomores who will be leaving. You will need experience for next year and the only available means is to start now as a reporter and work up the ladder. A scholastic average is not the only important feature on a tran­ script from a college. Extra curri­ cular activities are also import­ ant. You may not realize this fact, but it is so true. If you would like to keep this paper in existence in future years, we of the Post Script staff would welcome and appreciate your sup­ port. The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of work. —Sarah A. Bolton POST NATIONAL HOTEL EXPOSITION Well, Gang, here it is—or rather was. That’s right—the National Hotel Exposition at Grand Central Palace in New York City is ail over. Everybody spent lots of money, had a great time and came home broke but happy. You all probably know by now that Paul Smith's was well represented at the conven­ tion. Many people were drawn to the very attractive knotty pine booth to examine the photographs displayed and to talk about Paul Smith’s College to the two very distinguished gentlemen (guess who?) representing our Resort Department. On taking a tour of the four acres of crowded floor space of Grand Central Palace one found all sorts of gadgets and machines for hotel use from plain old potato peelers which do everything but light up, to giant dishwashing machines twenty feet long. The most inter­ esting and unusual machines might interest some of you readers. For instance, there was the automatic liquor shot pourer and counter. This gadget has a metal apparatus which is inserted into the neck of the whiskey bottle and locked in place. Then the bottle is inverted on a circular pedestal which has indi­ vidual holders for the inverted bot­ tles. When a small lever in each apparatus is pulled, a full shot is poured and the number of shots poured is recorded in a small dial in the apparatus. (No bar loss here!) Then there were handwrit­ ing duplicating machines which act as a quick means of communication between the different departments of the hotel offices. While in New York we took tours through the Hotel Commodore and Hotel Astor, both very enjoyable features of the trip. Also most enjoyable were the tours (?) sev­ eral of the fellows took on their own through Greenwich Village. (Just ask the guys in Baker House about Julius’ With the Moss on the Ceiling.) A very elite group visit­ ed the G—A on Third Avenue and bothered the waiter until he found our school’s beer mug among those hanging from the ceiling of the famous rathskeller. Cheerleading Planned Tt has been suggested, with basketball season about to start, that P.S.C. have a cheerleading squad. From past seasons this re­ porter has noticed that a project of this kind can be successful ONLY if the girls get the full sup­ port of the student body. This year Martha Bedell, Rae Haley and Ruth Weston are planning a squad of this kind. They will encourage the student body to submit cheers for our team. SCRIPT Christmas Party December 18th For the past three years the Christmas Club and the students of P. S. C. have had a Christmas par­ ty for the children of the campus and the communities surrounding Paul Smith’s. This year the party will be held on Monday afternoon, December 18th in the Recreation Hall. The party consists of Christ­ mas carols, five cartoons, refresh­ ments, Christmas stockings and gifts.. The Christmas Club, with War­ ren Delpit as chairman, is compos­ ed of the following students: Ei­ leen Crary, Lorraine Drew, Rae Haley, Floyd Harris, Dick Koeritz, Art Lebow, Bob Leslie, Orman Rickey, Don Cowles, Dave Mur­ phy, and Larry Abt. Old Saint Nick—“Pop” Ryan—will distribute the gifts among the children. Mr. Gratton and Mr. Christiansen are the faculty advisors. All those who have not yet con­ tributed to the Christmas fund, please do so as soon as possible. TALL TIMBER To you students who like winter, it looks as if you’ll soon be enjoy- aing yourselves. The cold weather and light snowfall that we have been having is just a minute exam­ ple of what is to come. The forestry students have been shown some very good movies late­ ly at the forestry assemblies and the Forestry Club meetings. Be­ sides being educational, these mov­ ies are very interesting and we hope to see many more of them. It’s nice when you can combine business with pleasure, isn’t it men ? The Forestry Club wishes to thank everyone who had a part in making the Paul Bunyan Dance the success that it was. The students of P.S.C. had much better luck deer hunting this year than last. Last year’s students shot no deer, so we had no vension on campus. This year things were much different, however, with at least six students getting nice buck3. Adirondack Community The Adirondack Community Concert Association opened its nineteen fifty-one season on Thurs­ day evening, November second, with a brilliant performance by Marina Svetlova, the famous Prima Ballerina of the Metropolitan Op­ era Company and her supporting cast in a performance, the equal of which has never been seen before in the area. To say that the entire performance was excellent is, in the opinion of many of the audi­ ence, a gross understatement; it was superb. Forestry Club And Varsity Club Hold Successful Dances The Forestry Club and Varsity Club of P. S. C. held two round and square dances on the weekends of Nov. 10th and 17th, respectively. The Paul Bunyan Dance was sponsored by the Forestry Club and featured music by the Eastern Aces. The gym was gaily decora­ ted in woodsmen’s style, topped off by a large replica of the famed Paul Bunyan. The highlights of the evening were the Beard Con­ test and the Rifle Raffle. The Beard Contest was won by Dave Murphy who received a five dollar first prize. Other contestants were: Pete Brown, Dean Hutchins and John Napier. The Rifle Raffle was won by Mr. Dietrichson of our own Resort Management Dept., who received a .35 cal. Marlin Rifle as his prize. The attendance of thirty young ladies from the Plattsburg State Teacher’s College, plus the local interest, helped make this dance a very good one. The Varsity Club Dance on Nov. 17th also featured music by the Eastern Aces. The decorations were made to accord with the sports-minded person’s tastes. The evening was highlighted with var­ ious raffles, the prizes for which being donated by local friends and merchants. Everyone present was seen to have a good time which is all that is required to make a dance successful. THE ALUMNI NEWS ______________ November 29, 1950 There are many ways of getting news, and we have used every pos­ sible means of getting information for this column. Much dope was obtained through the Alumni News, a paper which is printed here on campus and sent to all Alumni. The rest of our sources were many and varied, but the major one was the grape vine. Through a round about way, we hear that John Kamke was mar­ ried November 18. We will try and get more information on this in the near future. Pete Elder and Dick Straussman are both working in Rochester where they reside. Dave Mellin is attending the University of Miami. William R. Thomas is now at­ tending Michigan State in the school of Hotel Administration. Bill tells us that quite a group '^rom P. S. are at Michigan, George Egglefield, John Burns, Tommy Greeley, Owen Murphy, and Joe Quinlan. PINE PIXIE Basketball season’s here again, The first game is tonight— So let’s all get behind the boys And cheer them on to “FIGHT”!!

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