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Post Script (Paul Smiths, N.Y.) 1946-2003, November 27, 1946, Image 4

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/ Page Four POST SCRIPT Scction 9 — There shall be appointed by the president or other presiding offi­ cer at the semesterial election meet­ ing three inspectors who shall col­ lect and count the ballots cast dur­ ing the election. The results shall be expediently announced by said inspectors and the decision of any two shall be final on any disputa­ tion not otherwise covered by this Student Union and By-Laws. Section 10 — Officers shall take office one week from the date that the re­ sults of the semesterial election have been announced by the elec­ tions inspectors. Article IV — Meetings Section I — The semesterial election meeting of the Student Assembly shall be held three weeks after the official opening of school. Proper notice shall be given to the student body. Section 2 — Regular meetings of the Student Assembly shall be held the first Monday of every month. The time and the place shall be at the dis­ cretion of the presiding officer. Section 3 — The Student Council shall meet separately, on the first and fif­ teenth of every school month, or at the call of the presiding officer. At all meetings of the Student -i-cur.cii- -time members shall con­ stitute a quorum. Section 4 — Special meetings of the Student Council or the Student Assembly shall be called by the president or secretary at the request of not less than eight members of the Student Council. Section 5 — In the event that that shall fall on a legal holiday, such meetings shall be held on the following day. Article V — Duties of Officers Section 1 — The duties of the president shall be to preside at the meetings of the Student Council and/or the meeting of the Student Assembly, to interpret and execute the laws, by-laws, resolutions, and amend­ ments of the organization, with the advice and on the consent of the Student Council; to appoint per­ manent and special committees; and to submit to the last Student As­ sembly a brief report of the or­ ganizations activities for the se­ mester and make further recom­ mendations. Section 2 — The duties of the vice president shall be to assist the president and to assume the duties and responsi­ bilities of the president in the The duties of the secretary shall be to give, notice of all regular and special meetings and keep a pei> manent record of the minutes of such meetings; to be custodian of all official records of the organiza­ tion; and to present to the Student Assembly all issues involving two or more schools. Section 4 — The duties of the treasuser shall be to collect, record and hold the funds. Articles VI •*— Committees Section 1 — The Student Council shall deter­ mine the committees considered necessary to fulfill the object and intent of the organization. Section 2 — All committee chairmen, vice- chairmen and members shall be ap­ pointed by the president subject to the approval of the Student Coun­ cil. Section 3 — The president and vice-president of the Student Council shall be ex­ officio members of all committees. Article VII— Scction 1 — Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings ol all meet­ ings of this organization and its constituent parts except as provid­ ed in the Student Union and By- I.aws. Article VIJI — Scction 1 By-laws may be amended by a majority of the student body pres­ ent at a general or special meeting of the Student Assembly, provided proper notice of the proposed ac- ; tion has been given ten days prior | to the date of such a meeting. ] UK S l 'R H TO S A Y E Y O t l l C O P Y OK T H H P R O P O S E D !S T I I ) E \ T I ' M ON SO T H A T Y O l CAN C H I T - ; i r r / . K IT IN T E L L I G E N T L Y A T 'I IIK N E X T S T U D E N T A S S E M B L Y . B E R K L E Y D R Y C L E A N E R S A . Zaffiris T. Anthony — Free Delivery — Tel. 48— 27 Broadway Saranac Lake SCOOP Red McGraw and Jack Maher’s weekly excursions to St. Lawrence are just to see football games. Red did that DLL MAR girl send you a raincheck vet ................... ? Edith Mampe and a certain Mond fellow aren’t enjoying their meals lately ............. Come on Edic, punch’em and show’em whose boss. Pete “You - can-never-play-with- my-football-again” Dolas has final­ ly run out of Cannon Towels. Stu­ dents may now use the coveted tro­ phy provided he can play also. A basket of wreathes to Marion Sewell! She’s becoming an excellent organist in the Presbyterian church at Keese’s Mills. Jim “ Harness” Hackert says, quote: “I always fall asleep ash slioon ash 1 hit da bed but my troubleesh bitten da bed\ (running up hill at night or balancing on a stool will increase you stamina, James me Lad.) Even though Lynn was for an­ other candidate at election time Steve still refuses to leave her. Their theme song, “Even in the rain;\ “Oh! for a walk on the high­ way.\ Art \Jeep\ Tomkin’s famous last words: “Well, if he won’t dim his, I won’t dim mine.” Have you heard Polly now takes in flat tires vto be repaired ....... such talents at Baker House! Wow! Three chow passes a week to \Moose” Grill; certainly he lives up to his name, doesn't he? State Police Officer (reproach fully): “Do you know anything about the traffic law's of this state?” “Clem” Heaton: “Yes, a little. Can I help you?” “Don’t you know that I’m a po- lceman ?” “ I ni nonchalent POLICED to meet you.” ; Bruce “Manti.-sa' Mix says thai “Happiness depends on whether you’re Hay today or gone tomor­ row.” (money that is). CITY CAB — Phone 922 — Rates from Paul Smiths to Town $2.00 Minimum 50c per Person Majestic Restaurant THE HOME OF GOOD FOOD Specializing in SEA FOODS - STEAKS - CHOPS Music by CARL ARTHUR AND HIS ORCHESTRA Phone: Lake Placid 9 Everett's SANDLER SKI BOOTS CURLEE CLOTHES — RUGBY SWEATERS PROFILE AND SLALOM SKI TOGS 45 BROADW AY SARANAC LAKE THE DW Y E R DRUG STORE DAN IEL B. DW Y ER Phone 358 30 Broadway Saranac Lake GEORGE L. STARKS & COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS Contractors and Housefurnishing Supplies 29 - 33 Broadway McKillip and Collins MISS SARANAC DINER A GOOD PLACE TO EAT 7 Bloomingdale Ave. Saranac Lake NATIONAL ARMY STORE “ Most Everything for Everybody” G. I. Ski Boots— made to Govt. spec. — $7.98 G. 1. High Cuts — 12 in. top. triple sole — $9.45 67 Broadway Saranac Lake 555 — J. TANZINI PHONE — 555 — TAXI SERVICE For Dependable 24-Hour Service Special Rates to Students — 50c a head per carload 20 Bloomingdale Ave., Saranac Lake CHARLES P. REIS PHARMACY 3 Bloomingdale Avenue N EXT TO ST. REGIS HOTEL Saranac Lake Phone 43 BERKLEY TAXI Phone 300 Saranac Lake , New York THE BLUE GENTIAN RESTAURANT Open 8 A. M. - 8 P. M.—except Tuesdays— the year round HOME COOKING Dining Room Service and Self Service Counter 94 Main St.— Phone 436 m We now have a Good Assortment of All Wool Slacks T. F. FINNIGAN, INC. 78 Main St., Saranac Lake Your HART, SHAFFNER & M ARX and ARROW SHIRT Dealer I

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