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POST SCRIPT ' Page Three POST SCRIBBLES by Martin C. Towne They Don’t Complain On October 26, 1945, I wrote to the University of the Philippines in (Manila, regarding courses of study. Their answer came but a short time later. Colleges of Liberal Arts, Law, Engineering, Pharmacy, Med­ icine, Veterinary Science, Educa­ tion, Agriculture, Dentistry and Forestry were explained, and their curricula described in some detail. However, the following message was attached: “Dear Sir: Almost all the building of the University of the Philippines located in the city of Manila were destroyed during the battle for the liberation of this city in February, 1945. Some of these buildings, however are now (after almost complete restoration) being used as class rooms and laboratories for most of the various colleges. The college of Agriculture and the School of Forestry are holding their classes in Los Banos, Laguna, about 70 kms. from this city. Our Conservatory of Music, School of Fine Arts and the College of Busi­ ness Administration will be unable tc resume their classes this year due to the lack of necessary facilities.\ On October 20th of this year, the University opened with an enroll­ ment of 3538. Only a small per­ centage of the total enrollment of students is able to commute. The others cleared the debris from the basements and the cellars of the still almost completely demolished building-s on the campus and have made their own dormitories. Hous­ ing such as this, plus the disease and squalor which still exist in the city, is hardly the atmosphere for conscientious work. Nevertheless, this is the only comment the Presi­ dent of the University was able to make: I’ve never before witnessed such an insanely grasping group of young people in respect to educa­ tion. Every odd is against them; they have every reason to be dis­ couraged and leave; but, not a one has complained. All work so far, in all classes, can definitely be de­ fined as “Excellent’.” REMINISCENCES Reminiscences of my heart Escape the prison of my mind; To shut the door of Memory’s wrath Takes fortitude and grit, I find. — Florence Perez An embarrassed game warden thought he had some future prison­ er when he overheard a confidential conversation near Dorm II. One fel­ low was talking about the three bucks he shot, and another was asking about his doe, but it turned out to be a game of crap. Who is the genius who brought his slide rule to the Botany class to find the root of a Sperniataphyta? Advertisement W IL L TRADE diamond engage­ ment ring for double-barreled shot­ gun! Definition: Consideration - What a woman shows when she shoots her husband with a bow and arrow, in order not to wake the children. Ex G. I.: Darling, I’ve brought some things for the one 1 love best. Try to guess what they are. Bored she: A pipe, and a fifth. There was the egotistical nurse who always deducted two degrees from her patient’s temperature reading, to allow for her personal­ ity. About the hardest part of going to school is the seat on the tram going l^ck. When a forestry student wras ask­ ed why the deer season should end in November, lie replied “Santa Claus would never get by Paul Smith's.” STUDENT UNION quest of not less than eight mem­ bers of the Student Council, pro­ vided all members of the student body have been notified ten days prior thereto. Article VII— Section 1 — The Student Union may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Student Assembly at any regular or special meeting provided proper no­ tice has been given ten days prior tc the date of such meeting. BY-LAW S Article I— Section 1 — The entire student body shall make up the active membership of this organization. Section 2 — A member of the Student Coun­ cil who fails to attend three con­ secutive meetings of that body shall at the discretion of the Stu­ dent Council cease to be an elected member. Section 3 — Any member of the Student As­ sembly may be called before the Student Council to explain any ac- ItO.sK M A III K G I F T SH O P Gifts - Flowers - Handicraft Jewelry 43 Broadway, Sarnnac Lake tion deemed detrimental to the stu­ dent body and this member shall be required to accept the penalties exacted by the Student Council Section 4 — It shall be the right of a mem­ ber who believes that unjust pen­ alties have been exacted by the Student Council to plead the cir­ cumstances before the Student As­ sembly. Section 5 — Honorary members may by a two-thirds vote of the Student Council, approved by a majority of the active members present at any regular meeting be confirmed upon such persons as may be deemed worthy. Article II— Section 1 — The Student Council shall be re­ sponsible to the Student Assembly. Section 2 — Election of the Student Council shall take place three weeks after the official opening of each semes­ ter. No person shall cast more than one vote. Section 3 — Vacancies on the Student Coun­ cil or in any office shall be filled by a vote of that body. Such ap­ pointees shall serve for the term of the individual being replaced. Section 4 — The Student Council shall have control and management of the property of the organization sub­ ject to the will of the Student As­ sembly. Section 5 — Regular meetings of the Student Councils shall be called the first and the fifteenth of every month. I he time and place shall be desig­ nated by the presiding officer. Spe­ cial meetings may be called by the president or secretary upon request of eight members of the Student Council. Section 6 — At all meetings of the Student W ELCOM E TO SARANAC BOW LING ACADEM Y AND GRILL “603” CAB SERVICE 96-98 Broadway Try our Cars for Special Rate on Out-of-Town Trips Dan Sussey - Gus Sussey Council, nine members shall con­ stitute a quorum. Section 7 — Any member of the Student Council failing to attend three con­ secutive meetings of that body may be removed from office by the ma­ jority vote of the Student Council. Section 8 — A majority of the student body at any regular or special meeting shall constitute a quorum. Article III— Section 1 — The president shall appoint a nominating committee of five mem­ bers not less than two weeks prior to semesterial election with the ap­ proval of the Student Council. Section 2 — They shall submit the names of candidates not less than five days prior to elections. Section 3 — All members of the student body shall be eligible for candidacy. Section 4 — Xo member of the nominating committee shall be eligible to any office through the action of the nominating committee. Section 5 — 'I he nominating committee shall elect two nominees for each expir­ ing office to serve for twfo semes­ ters. Xo officer shall be eligible for more than two terms. H B I i K L B Y SIIOIO S H O P 1 Broadway, Saranac Lake Fine Shoe Repairing & Hut Cleaning: W . P . K O L .L B C K K R KODAKS AND GIFTS 73 Main St., Saranac Lake Section 6 — Any five or more members of the student body may submit in writing the names of nominees not more than five days prior to the semesterial election. The names so submitted shall be read by the sec­ retary to the Student Assembly to­ gether with names proposed by nominating committee. Section 7 — Therf shall be elected by the Student Assembly a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and two representatives from each school as provided in the Student Union. Article III— Section 8 — Voting shall be individual and no person shall cast more than one ballot. Proxies will not be recog­ nized. ATLAN TIC SERVICE STATION • i Roderic J. Dermody Flats Fixed—Quick Lubrication 96-98 Broadway, Saranac Lake _____________________________ _______ A LTM AN ’S Women’s and Misses’ Wearing Apparel Saranac Lake New York VITULLO BROS. — TAILORS BAND BOX DRY CLEANING SYSTEM Free Call and Delivery — Valet Service Phone 102 Bloomingdale Ave. Saranac Lake TH E HOUSE OF McGREGOR SPORTS W E A R STEVENS MEN’S SHOP H OTEL SARANAC Wool Shirts — Slacks — Jackets BERNIE WILSON'S \The Finest Pastry in Town' Ice Cream Bar — Restaurant — Sandwiches — Quick Lunches 4 Broadway, Saranac Lake E. L. GRAY & COMPANY STATIO N ERY — FOUNTAIN PENS BOOKS — SCHOOL SUPPLIES 40 Main Street Saranac Lake, N. Y. gEaSBfiEBEBC

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