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P A U L S M I T H ’ S C O L L E G E Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage P A I D Perm it No. 1 PAUL SMITHS, NEW YORK P E N N Y GOERLICH Y O U N G E S T WAC OFFICER I N U . S . Penny Goerlich ’68, age 20, re­ ceived a commission in the W o­ men’s Army Corps to become the youngest WAC officer in the coun­ try. When Penny was 14, she was awarded a certificate of proficiency by the Civil Air Patrol, the young­ est in Pennsylvania to receive such an honor. She soloed and ob­ tained her pilot’s license when she was 16. If the past and the present trends continue, she may well be*- come the first woman general in the Army. Penny enlisted in the Army in July, 1968, just after she graduated from Paul Smith’s. She went to Fort McClellan Ala., for basic training and to Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi for training as an Air Traffic Controller. She en­ tered Non-Commissioned Officer's school in April 1969. In August she started the 18 week training course at Officer Candidate School in Fort McClellan from which she graduated on December 12, 1969, as one of 16 who came up from the ranks in a class of 185. Penny, who was on the P.S.C rifle team in 1966 67, qualified for the expert rifleman’s badge with an M-16, although women do not ordinarily handle weapons. She be­ lieves neither men nor women should be drafted, contending that it is the drafted person who resents military service. She feels the career soldier would be more respected without the draft. After a furlough, Penny will go to Fort Bliss, Texas, in El Paso as WAC executive officer of Beau­ mont Army Hospital. 1970 ALUMNI WEEKEND Our list of those expecting to attend the 1970 Alumni Weekend is growing. Below, by class, is a list of those we have to date. You’ll notice that quite a few names have been added. Is your name here? If not, why not start (Continued on page 2, col. 1) L T . G O E R L I C H Rutherford Writes The following information was supplied and written by DeanWill- iam Rutherford and was gleaned from the scads of Christmas Cards that come flowing to his office and home each Holiday Season. I don’t think there was ever a student at Paul Smith’s that didn’t get to know Dean Rutherford in one connection or another, and be proud of it. Here then, is his annual report: The immediate news here is a huge snowfall since X-mas. Reports vary but think that 30” is conserv­ ative. Howard Welch, Henry Per- ino and Bucko Lester have been very busy with the snowplowing. The telephone company has been sold to the Ausable Vallley Tel. Co. and they have just put in a touch dial system. We are still try­ ing to get used to it. The college number is (518) 327 6211 and my home phone is 327 4387. Some Alumni who have joined our ranks are: Ted Mack, ’60, the new librarian; Joe Lombardoni, ’66, is Director of Alumni Affairs, Jim Kraus, ’64, is a Forestry Prof. and Rick Weigel, ’65, is a Forest­ ry Prof. The same old faces are still here. Fred Klein and I had a good year of deer hunting but the reports in the Adirondacks have generally been that the season was poor. We enrolled about 1100 students this past fall and I would expect that there will be about 970 here for the next semester. During the summer and fall we have had quite a few visits from former students. Hope that you will continue to drop in. I am not including the visits in this letter but have given them to Joe Lombardoni as they occurred. Your cards this year covered quite a spread — 6 of the 7 continents (only Aus­ tralia was missing); From Antarctica in the south to Helsinki in the north: All around the earth in an east- west direction. I wish that all of you were in peaceful areas; some of you are seeing troubled times in Nigeria. Viet Nam, Germany, and areas of the Pacific and unfortunately — the Hospitals. Quite a number of our former students have been killed in Viet Nam but will leave that info for the Alumni Office. WE HOPE THAT THE COM­ ING YEAR W ILL BRING PEACE TO ALL OF YOU AND THAT YOU W ILL BE HOME AMONG YOUR LOVED ONES FOR THE NEXT HOLIDAY SEASON. Following are the addresses that I have had along with the news notes. Some didn’t have any in them so I couldn't pass it along. Trushaw, Ken, ’51, Box 259, Chestertown, N.Y. 12817. Enclosed a card telling that the National X-Mas tree was from Warren Co. He should have sent it to Nixon as I already knew it and Nixon didn’t. See Ken at some of the equipment shows. Misura, Andy, '55, Southotselic, N.Y. 13155. Is still with the N.Y.S. (Continued on page 2, col. 1) Whitehead Director For Hilton Don Whitehead, '60 T. H., has been promoted to Director of Mar­ keting and Finance for Hilton Inns, Inc., the franchise division of Hilton Hotels Corp. In addition to his present responsibility for assistance to franchise in negotia­ tions for first and second mortgage the development of equity invest­ ments by major U. S. corporations money, he will be responsible for diversifying into Hilton Hotels, Inc., a franchise program. Don will also direct the Hilton Inns, Inc., marketing program with responsibility for the development of sites, management groups, and equity investors throughout the United States. Previously, Don was an Hotel Appraiser with Metropolitan Life and a supervisor of motor inns with Hemsley Spear and he worked for Holiday Inns and other indepen­ dent properties. After graduating from Paul Smith’s he received a B. S. degree in Hotel Management from Cornell University. He is a guest lecturer in special courses at the Hotel School at Cornell. Don’s business address is 401 Seventh Ave., New York, N. Y. 10001 . ABOUT ALUMNI — Bradley B. Gilman, Jr., ’53, is Custodian of Buildings and Grounds at Worcester Science Mu­ seum in Worcester, Mass. Brad took the B. S. degree from the University of Massachusetts with a major in Wildlife. Brad, who is still single, is Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor for the Weather, Nature, and Conservation Group badges at the Museum. His add­ ress: 2 Pine Tree Rd., Holden, Mass. 01520. Ken Snow, ’59, visited Oct. 14th. Ken is in Sales with Black-Web- ster Industrial Products. His add­ ress: 8 Wilshire Ave., Nabnasset, Mass. 08161.

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