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P A U L S M I T H ’ S C O L L E G E Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage P A I D Paul Sm iths, N.Y. Permit No. 1 PAUL SMITHS, NEW YORK ALUMNI $10,000 CAMPAIGN NEARS $1,000 MARK The campaign to raise $10,000.00 for the Alumni Association in twelve months starting May 31, 1969, is underway. So far, of the twenty-two graduating classes, contributions have been made by sixteen classes. The number con­ tributing from individual classes range from one to four. The goal of $10,000 was set for this year because we felt that with the membership we now have this should be an easy target. After we have enjoyed the satisfaction of this success, we will move ahead. Another reason for this amount is that it will provide for the com­ pletion of the Alumni Park project according to present plans. To proceed with our expressed purpose of service to the college, it will be necessary to “ THINK BIG.” The Alumni Association should and must provide its own cost of operation. $10,000 per year is too small for this purpose alone. A large percentage of alumni par­ ticipating in a reasonable way will do the job. Size of donations range from $5.00 to $100.00 The campaign is now one month old. So keep the contributions coming. Below is a list of the size of contributions followed by a list of donors and the classes of each. No. Size Amount Q O 100 $300 1 50 $50 1 30 $30 2 25 $50 4 20 $80 1 15 $15 16 10 $160 9 5 $45 $730 CONTRIBUTOR ’49 — Davis, Ruth A. Goldsmith, Bert Jinsmeyer, Jack ’51 — Krebs, Henry ’52 — Peterson, Ray (Continued on page 3, col. 1) :: ' Parents lend a hand and help with a last minute check of clothing and supplies for the 1969 1970 school year. P.S.C. Registers 1,100 For Fall Semester Registration for the fall semester at Paul Smith’s was September 8-9. Registration was preceded by a faculty dinner in Longtin Cafe­ teria Saturday, September 6, and a reception for students and par­ ents Sunday, September 7, at Bux­ ton Gymnasium. Sophomores help­ ed with social duties and the serv­ ing of refreshments at the recep­ tion. The total of 1,100 registrants is a new high in enrollment for Paul Smith’s. The new men’s dorm is open and 108 students are living in it. Gabriels Campus is accommo­ dating 225 students this year. The table below shows the num­ ber of students registered in the various programs. FRESHMEN Pre-Frofessional Forestry 216 Terminal Forestry 205 Continued on page 3, col. 4) James Kurtowicz Killed In Vietnam James D. Kurtowicz, ’68, was killed in combat on June 10, 1969. Jim, who had someday hoped to work in the woodlands of Oregon, was a member of the woodsmen’s team while at Paul Smith’s. James, a paratrooper with his Army’s crack Special Forces Fifth Group, was serving a second tour of duty in the combat zone. He had been due for return to the U.S. this month under the nor­ mal 12-month rotation system, but he volunteered to stay in the com­ bat area until the end of his en­ listment this fall. A brother, Marine Corps Cpl. Peter L. Kurtowicz recently re­ turned from a tour of duty in Vietnam. He came home from his station in Los Alamitos, Calif. James was a member of the Uni­ versity Chapter of the Order of (Continued on page 3, col. 1) Park Fund And Parsons Fund Growing The Alumni Park and the “ Red” Parsons Memorial Funds are mounting. Considerable work has been done on the Alumni Park. The walkways have been laid out and the area for the Park Pool is marked off and the drainage system is well underway. Below is a list of donors contributing to the two funds to June 30, 1969. The names above are those people who have contributed to the two funds. There is a possibility that a few people have been omit­ ted, in which case we extend our apologies to those omitted. ’48 — Proctor, William Rosenstein, Marv. Stainback, Tom Wilson, Homer ’49 — Armstrong, Carl Gaheen, Laurence Richardson, Harold E. ’50 — Ailing, Cha., Mr. & Mrs. LaForge, Charles Hopkins, Melford C. ’51 — Blakelock, ’52 — Demetrowitz, Frank Little, Fred Schaefer, Neal > 5 3 ____ Miller, Al ’55 — Secor, William ’56 — Harrison, Julian Rasmussen, Eric Sanfort, Robert '57 — Roberts, John M. ’58 Miles, Walt ’59 — Slaight, Wes Zonriter, Vincent (Continued on page 4, col. 4)

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