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This site provides access to information about historic documents related to Paul Smith's College. To encourage a wide range of potential uses, the software provides several different views of the data we provide, all of which are publicly visible. Each uses common Web protocols, and access is not restricted in any way. You do not need to apply for a special key to use them. Together they make up an extensive application programming interface (API) which you can use to explore all of our data in many ways.

Details about these interfaces are below. In case you want to dive right in, though, we use HTML link conventions to advertise the availability of these views. If you are a software developer or researcher or anyone else who might be interested in programmatic access to the data in this collection, we encourage you to look around the site, "view source" often, and follow where the different links take you to get started.

For more information about the open source Chronicling America software please see the loc-ndnp SourceForge site. Also, please consider subscribing to the loc-ndnp-mail discussion list if you want to discuss how to use or extend the software or data from its APIs.


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  • Search the newspaper directory and digitized page contents using OpenSearch.
  • Auto Suggest API for looking up newspaper titles
  • CORS and JSONP support for your JavaScript applications.
  • Link using our stable URL pattern for titles, issues, editions, and pages.
  • Linked Data views of information about titles, batches, issues, and pages in RDF/XML.
  • Aggregations of items, like all the pages that make one issue, are related using OAI-ORE.

Searching the directory and title pages using OpenSearch

Searching the title records is possible using the OpenSearch protocol. This is advertised in a LINK header element of the site's HTML template as "NDNP Title Search", using this OpenSearch Description document.

Title search parameters:

  • terms: the search query
  • format: 'html' (default), 'json', or 'atom' (optional)
  • page: for paging results (optional)


Note that all example URLs below use the same protocol and server name, We only show the URL paths and parameters below to save space.

There are more than a 10,000 digitized pages in this collection. These pages span several decades and focus on the history of Paul Smith's College.

Searching newspaper pages is also possible via OpenSearch. This is advertised in a LINK header element of the site's HTML template as "NDNP Page Search", using this OpenSearch Description document.

Page search parameters:

  • andtext: the search query
  • format: 'html' (default), or 'json', or 'atom' (optional)
  • page: for paging results (optional)



Link to titles, issues, editions, and pages

The site uses links that follow a straightforward pattern. You can use this pattern to construct links into specific titles, to any of its available issues and their editions, and even to specific pages. These links can be readily bookmarked and shared on other sites.

The link pattern uses LCCNs, dates, issue numbers, edition numbers, and page sequence numbers.